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Download SQLite 3.17.0 Latest Version

Download SQLite 3.17.0 Latest Version 2017

Download SQLite

Download SQLite 3.17.0 Latest Version 2017 – SQLite is an in-process collection that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL data source engine. The code for SQLite is in the general public domain and is therefore free for usage for any purpose, industrial or private. SQLite is one of the most commonly released database on the planet with more applications than we can count, consisting of several high-profile tasks.

Download SQLite 3.17.0 Latest Version

Download SQLite 3.17.0

SQLite Features:

  • Purchases are atomic, regular, separated, and also sturdy (ACID) after system crashes as well as power failings.
  • Zero-configuration – no configuration or administration needed.
  • Complete SQL implementation with innovative attributes like partial indexes and typical table expressions. (Omitted features)
  • A full data source is saved in a single cross-platform disk file. Great for usage as an application data format.
  • Sustains terabyte-sized data sources and gigabyte-sized strings as well as balls. (See limits.html.)
  • Tiny code footprint: much less compared to 500KiB totally configured or much less with optional features omitted.
  • Basic, very easy to utilize API.
  • Composed in ANSI-C. TCL bindings consisted of. Bindings for lots of other languages available independently.
  • Well-commented resource code with 100% branch test protection.
  • Available as a single ANSI-C source-code file that is simple to compile and also hence is simple to add right into a larger job.
  • Self-contained: no exterior reliances.
  • Cross-platform: Android, * BSD, iphone, Linux, Mac, Solaris, VxWorks, and Windows (Win32, WinCE, WinRT) are sustained from package. Easy to port to other systems.
  • Sources are in the public domain name. Use for any purpose.
  • Includes a standalone command-line interface (CLI) customer that can be used to carry out SQLite data sources.

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Download SQLite 3.17.0 Latest Version 2017

SQLite 3.17.0 Free Download

Free Download SQLite 3.17.0 For Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, And Windows Phone

Latest Version:SQLite 3.17.0 (32-bit)
Requirements:Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Webite; https://www.sqlite.org